Plts Unit 1

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  • Published : March 21, 2013
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Unit 1- Preparing for an Apprenticeship

1. What are the components of your Apprenticeship?

|1.1 What are the components of your Apprenticeship framework and what is the relevance of each? | |Functional Skills Level 1 (English & Maths) – this provides basic skills that will be | |required in day to day activities and support you in life, learning and work | | | |Employment and Personal Learning and Thinking Skills Level 2 (PLTS) | |5 units - Personal learning and thinking encourages the development of being able to generate ideas, tackle problems and find solutions,| |work independently or within teams and understand legal and organisational requirements . | | | |Certificate in Healthcare Support Services Level 2 | |9 units (5 mandatory, 4 optional) - The purpose of this qualification is to | |guide and assess the development of Knowledge and skills relating to the health | |workforce. This qualification confirms competence in a range of healthcare support | |service skills. | |1.2 Describe how each component will be assessed...
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