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  • Published : April 3, 2013
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Plot Summary Of “All Quiet On The Western Front

Somewhere near the French/German front Paul Baumer, a 19-year-old solider that fights in the German army on the French front in World War I. Paul and his friends are enjoying a well-deserved meal after fighting and facing heavy losses on the front. Paul and some of his comrades all attended school together, where they voluntarily enlisted in the army after being encouraged by their teacher, Kantorek. But after experiencing ten weeks of brutal training and now, as soldiers, they know that Kantorek had little understanding of the war. Paul and his friends visit Kemmerich, a former classmate who is dying in the hospital after having a leg amputated. While there Muller, another former classmate, asks him for his boots knowing that Kemmerich is slowly dying. Paul returns to Kemmerich’s bedside, Kemmerich gives him his boots to give to Muller, Paul does as he asked. New recruits come up from training, and they soon learn the hardship of war. Paul and his company are told that Himmelstoss is being sent back to the front, they are happy hearing this now they will be able to take revenge against him for abusing them during training. They are then sent on a dangerous mission to lay barbed wire on the front. While there they are pounded with shells and are forced to take cover. After the shelling the survivors return to camp, and pass time by killing lice and talking about what they are going to do after the war ends. Paul's friend Tjaden insults Himmelstoss as he arrives, the lieutenant then gives them light punishment. Paul and Kat find a house with goose they cook that and enjoyed a rare meal. This company is then caught in the heat of battle; many lives were lost only 32 of the 80 returned back to camp. Paul’s company gets some rest time while there numbers build up again. Paul and his friends go swimming and see some French girls they sneak away that night and enjoy themselves. Before his company is sent back Paul is...
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