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The character's goal in the story was to have a child because in their tribe they need to have a child . the main problem was lumnay and awiyao can't have a child so awiyao needs to marry another woman , madulimay. If I were confronted with the same problem , I would get really hurt if my husband were to marry another woman because we cannot have a chld and it will hurt because I know that he loves me but yet he needs to find another for he's own good and for his responsibilities. The type of conflict was man vs. man or man vs. itself because in man vs. man the people in his tribe is telling him to marry another in man vs. itself he loves lumnay but he needs to marry another so he is making a hard decision. They solved the problem by thinking it over. They talked to each other. The best part of the story was the ending because I think when lumnay went to the wedding dance and its like she wanted to go there but she couldn't its like she already moved on even though it hurts. No , because I thought that it will be lumnay and awiyao because they love each other but yet awiyao married another. If I could end the story I would end it by lumnay and awiyao would be together even though they cannot have a child because if they love each other they should be together because I believe that if you love someone you should fight for him/her and no matter how much people criticize you for that.
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