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Pages: 3 (1262 words) Published: November 5, 2012
On the 3rd of January, I started on my journey in PLKN at Kuala Nerang. Still remember, very hot and tired that day. Our camp located at half mountain so we stay in the middle of forest, all around are tree and animal. I carry two heavy bags and pulling a huge luggage walk up to our cottage (like hostel). After pass examine, I just lie on the bed ,too tired. I got to know some malay friends. After that we must gather inside a hall, the process was long and boring. All the group and roommate rearrange and we need to move again. Everything settle down, I start to feel bored because didn’t start to know anybody else. Luckily a week later, I gain more and more friend especially malay friend. PLKN had prepared many activities to let us gone through. Every morning, we need to wake up around 5am. The air was cool and even the water nearly frozen. We need to gather up at 6am at padang to do some exercise till 7:15am. After having breakfast, we need to gather again with class uniform in front hall at 8am sharp. The days going on with class, foot drill, exercise, outdoor activities, eat, talking and after the last gathering, we put the lights off. I cannot bring myself to enjoy at first because the lifestyle was too discipline until I nearly exhausted.

All the people separate into 4 group: Alpha, Bravo, Charlie, Delta. I’m in the 1st group, Alpha but that doesn’t really mean we are the best group or anything. At the last day, among of 4 group, 1 will be chosen to be the best group. Everything, cottage, group present even individual attitude will also influence the mark. So the leader already told us to be careful when having our first meeting. I get to know all our group member, not very well but better than not. I stay in the second row cottage (if didn’t include teacher cottage). A very big problem for everyone that live slightly front is our toilet always lack of water. We sometime being force to use other group toilet. As everybody knows, they must not welcome us,...
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