Plight of Jews in Germany

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  • Published : May 19, 2013
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Throughout history and many centuries, people have been victims of discrimination due to their race, religion, age and gender. In Daniel’s Story written by Carol Matas, the Jewish community is being discriminated against because of their race and religion as they are victims of the Holocaust in World War Two. Due to Daniel and his family’s religion, their rights and privileges are stripped from them, allowing the Germans to treat them inhumanely. They are treated unfairly and unequally, abused immorally, and lost their identity. The acts committed during the Holocaust were cruel, unacceptable and obscene.

Unfair treatment towards the Jewish people prohibited them from doing activities they enjoyed doing in their daily lives. When Hitler became the chancellor of Germany, he changed laws that were not in favour of Jewish people. After these laws were official, they did not allow Jews to live life normally and fully like before. In September of 1935, the Nazi Party congress in Nuremberg passed laws which were intended to take away their rights and freedoms. “Still, it felt to me like everything was changing too fast – and for the worse. It seemed there was a law for everything, most of them forbidding Jews to do the things I most enjoyed” (Matas 14). These laws were called the Nuremberg Laws, and there were two of them. The first law was named “The Law for the Protection of German Blood and German Honor”, which did not allow marriages and extra-marital intercourse between Jewish and German people. This law also prohibited Jews from having German maids who were under forty-five-years-old working in their homes. The second law was named “The Reich Citizenship Law”, which took away the rights of Jewish people in Germany, stripping their identity and citizenship. “We were separate now from everyone else in Frankfurt. Separate and somehow less important. Not as good as the ‘pure’, ‘real Germans’” (Matas 16). Adolf Hitler wanted to build a Reich, or an empire. He...
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