Topics: Online dating service, Online dating, Dating Pages: 2 (751 words) Published: April 19, 2012 is one of the most profitable website today, and the most popular online dating site in existence. Remarkably, it is managed by its owner and founder Markus Frind and only one other employee. It is a free dating site that generates millions of dollars of ad revenues per year.

The nature of competition in this industry is developing the website and attract more users, make it appealing as it can so people wants to constantly come back to check the website out. Competitors are already reacting to, because it doesn’t require a huge amount of capital to start a site like this from major corporations to free lance designers anyone could create and run a dating site. Also unrelated sites such as craigslist and facebook might not be dating sites but they also have branches falls in to the category.

Frind’s business model for is that this would be a 100% free dating site. Which is a pretty solid model as far as it has taken PlentyofFish where it stands today. At this point PlentyofFish should focus on the future growth of the business, the name is already out there and recognized and it would take a lot for the competitors to drive him out of the game. There are a lot of loyal customers that like things just the way they are, any change might alienate them. He could choose to invest in additional hardware and software in order to drive more traffic to his site or maintain the existing model, but expanding geographically (ex. China, Japan). In order for the site to move on Frind should also focus more on customer service since this is a huge part of keeping his members on his site. Frind should defiantly hire more employees to be on his team in order to keep the site running smooth and successful.

Frind’s model relies solely on AdSense revenue from Google, and on commissions from third-party vendors who advertise on his site. Frind is not interested at all in competing with and other sites on re-packaging...
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