Pleasure Was Mine Study Guide

Topics: Michael Jackson, The Jackson 5 Pages: 4 (1089 words) Published: April 28, 2013
Chapter 1
Symbol: Explanation: The doctor had to prescribe Irene medication to slow down the progression of her Alzheimer’s.
Pg. 2

Quotes: 1) “Except she might think I’m her mother.” Pg. 3 2) Let go of me, you son of a bitch.” Pg. 5
Explanation: These quotes show how quickly the Alzheimer’s affected Irene’s brain, by the end of the chapter she did not understand who she was, who people in her life were, or where she was. Summary: Irene had to be placed in a retirement home because of the Alzheimer’s. Newell, (Prate’s son) asked Prate to watch Jackson (Prate’s grandson) for a few weeks over the summer, while Newell paints at Penland.

Chapter 2
Symbol: Explanation: Newell painted a mural of the street they lived on, as if it were in the Jungle book.
Pg. 36

Quotes: 1) “Would you go out with me Saturday night?” Pg. 28 2) “Are you sure that’s all you came here for Prate?” Pg. 30 Explanation: These moments were some of the very first memories of Prate and Irene’s relationship. Summary: While taking Irene back to Rolling Hills, Prate gets lost and has to pull over on the side of the road in order to pass the storm. While pulled over, Prate has a flashback of the beginning times of his and Irene’s relationship; before being interrupted by a concerned stranger, who helps Prate back to Rolling Hills.

Chapter 3
Symbol: Explanation: Prate, Newell, and Jackson went fishing at Jones Gap.
Pg. 55

Quotes: 1) “Are you trying to sabotage my summer? Is that it?” Pg. 63 2) “How come… kids have to go along with them? Pg. 63 Explanation: These quotes represent Prate and Jacksons first interactions with each other for the summer. Summary: Prate, Newell, and Jackson go fishing at Jones Gap. Prate is catching Newell up on the progress of Irene and how to care for her. Jackson and Prate begin to clash, and Prate is left questioning if taking Jackson in was a good idea or not.

Chapter 4
Symbol:Explanation: Billie and Jackson quickly connect when...
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