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YES-LINC-YSEL Afghanistan
Afghanistan YES, LINC & YSEL Alumni Volunteer Activity Newsletter Page 1

Green Mountain Planting Project — Let’s go Green!
American Councils for International Education worked jointly with Homaira Eshaq (an AfghanAmerican) to plant more than 760 evergreen saplings/trees in 3 days at 24 elementary/secondary and high schools of Kabul city. “Due to continued violence in Afghanistan, the cities and countryside experience deforestation, and its people suffer from respiratory problems and eye infections from pollution and dust. I talked with my American friends and persuaded them to donate money to plant trees in Afghanistan school for a green Afghanistan.” Homaira Eshaq remarked. A total of 2050$ was fundraised. The amount was spent to buy saplings from Nangarhar women who work at “ Women Owned Nurseries” which was established by USAID in four provinces as part of Alternative Development Program (ADP/E). The trees were than transported to American Councils office that took the lead to organize and coordinate such an environmental

Inside this issue:
Green Mountain Planting Project 1

Clean-up in Badghis Province One sapling for me, one for my country.



Project and also paid for the transportation of the saplings from its office to the targeted schools. The alumni coordinator had already paid visits to the schools and talked with the schools’ administrations in details. The trees were justly and moderately divided based on the needs of the schools for plantations. On Saturday, April 2nd a total of 10 YSEL alumni, 3 YES alumni and American Councils staffs together with each school students ushered to plant the saplings. They were able to plant in 8 schools on the first day. The alumni played a vital role in inspiring the students to take part in planting and keeping their country, community and their school green. They always reminded the students that “We brought those trees and we planted them together but now it’s YOU...
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