Please Write in at Least 200 Words a Well-Organized Essay Arguing for or Against the Decision Recently Made by the Ma Administration to Allow Chinese Students in Taiwan to Join the National Health Insurance System.

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  • Published : April 14, 2013
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Recently there has been a heated discussion about the decision made by the Ma Administration to allow Chinese students in Taiwan to join the national health insurance system.. Some people agree with the decision while others may take an opposite attitude. It is such a complex issue that people may have to think it over carefully before they decide to agree or to disagree with the decision. I totally agree with the decision, and I will explain why this is the case. There are at least three reasons that account for my point of view. First, we can easily see that inclusion of Chinese students in the national health insurance system is a consideration of human rights. Taiwan is a country in favor of human rights. Another reason why I prefer the argument is that allowing Chinese students to join the national health insurance system can help improve the relationship between Taiwan and China. China may in turn do something in return. Finally, it cannot be denied that if Chinese students can enjoy the same coverage as students from other countries, that will highlight the contrast between Taiwan and China. Taiwan will win more respect from countries all over the world. a nation that does not respect human rights, The seeds of human rights will sprout and grow in their hearts." In a word, I take a positive/negative attitude towards the decision. Of course, that’s not to say that other points of view are all without merit; however, I think that the reasons I have provided are more convincing, and I believe that the seeds of human rights will sprout and grow in the hearts of Chinese people.
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