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Topics: English-language films, Voting, China Pages: 2 (567 words) Published: May 23, 2011
In the far away land of china the great film and documentary producer Don Edkins and film and documentary director Weijun Chen have made an epic tale of a class of third graders who have been introduced to democracy and a democratic election for their hall monitor. Of the class three of them have been chosen as the classes’ candidates. First we have Cheng Cheng he is a powerful leader but may not be the best choice for the class. Next we have Xu Xaiofei, she is a hard worker and almost gave up at one point but was willing to stick it out till the end. But last we have Luo Lei, he was previous class monitor and a strong willed but easly swayed character. All their characters will be tested by this election.

Now after meeting all the candidates we’ll discuss their strategies because they were all unique in their own way. Now first off is the talent portion, I personally think that a talent portion is pointless in any election but, now they all had good strategy in their talents with the singing and instrument playing but cheng cheng was the behind the scenes attacker and also made the first signs of attack on the opponents by talking lou lei to start booing Xu Xaiofei, which made her cry. Now lou lei showed his true colors when he started crying and had cheng cheng apologize for him.

Next, we have the debates and like any debates it has the goods of yourself as an opponent, but it also has the bads of your opponent. And this time the tables had turned a little Xu Xaiofei had decited to start making list of the other opponents’ faults which turned around on her when the opponents started to make lists to. They also questioned each other with “loaded” questions which proved cheng cheng to be a little bit of a liar. Other opponents were left speechless on the spot with some of the questions.

Lastly they had their speeches which were partially created by them but some were made by their parents. The kids parents this entire time had been very active...
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