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  • Published : September 3, 2012
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Kallie Schmidt
October 30, 2009
Communicative arts

A Whole New World

In the film Pleasantville, the basic idea is that today’s families are nothing like they once were. The story starts out with a family that has a mom, a brother, David, and a sister, Jennifer. David is a fairly good kid, but he and his sister are completely different and are not close at all. Jennifer is a total bad girl; she smokes, is sexually active, and doesn’t really care about anyone but herself. The family overall, is broken because of the parents divorce, and because of that, are nothing like families in Pleasantville.

Jennifer, also known as Mary Sue in Pleasantville, faced many conflicts in this story. Before she was zapped into Pleasantville, Jennifer was a girl who strived to fit in and be popular and she went to extreme measures to achieve that. She did what everyone else did and more in order to get attention from the cutest guy in school. Once she finally got him to come over when her mom was gone, her and her brother got zapped right into Pleasantville. In Pleasantville, Mary Sue was expected to act proper and “swell” which she was not used to at all. On top of that, the entire Pleasantville world was black and white. The rebel inside of Mary Sue continued to shine in Pleasantville and she began changing the lives of everyone, starting with skip, at Lover’s Lane. Once Skip told all his friends what he and Mary Sue had done, they started doing it as well. In effect to that, little by little, things started to turn to color. Not only did colors start to change in Pleasantville, but books that were empty before, started to fill up with stories and pictures. Mary Sue became particularly interested in these books and found herself reading instead of engaging in her usual teenage activities. One night, Mary Sue fell asleep reading and in the morning when she awoke, she awoke to a room and skin full of color. At the end of the film Mary Sue decided she liked the life she had...
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