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  • Published : February 15, 2011
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Tiffany Niemiller
November 15th, 2010
Dr. Viau

Pleasantville is a great movie with many hidden messages. The not so obvious but informative messages are one of best aspects of this nineties flick. The special effects are impressive considering this movie is indeed from the nineties. Pleasantville touches base on many actual conflicts in America and throughout history in the most subtle but blunt way. My favorite thing about this movie is how it takes this blind community and shows them what they never knew existed: passion and real emotion.

I have heard many people talk about their love for earlier decades such as the fifties and how they wish they could go back and live in the “Simple Times” but in reality I do not believe that it was a much simpler time. Though we have very large issues now, such as world hunger, the overgrowing population, and pollution, the simpler times had issues as well. Pleasantville shines light on things like censorship, close mindedness, and life is like outside of their Pleasantville bubble. The fifties throw-back town appears to be a utopian society with its lack of crime or conflict, but in reality many viewers would see this as a dystopian world because it lacks real emotion and individuality. To me, this movie is an awakening experience to the close-minded people who are still stuck believing that teenagers do not have sex and are not mature enough to comprehend the realities of the world, as well as those who still believe that segregation would be beneficial. The kids in this movie express their wants to obtain more knowledge; they long for it. The scene in the diner where they continuously ask Bud questions about Huckleberry Finn shows their new desire and longing to learn. The signs that pop up in the windows around town that say “No Coloreds Allowed”, show the desire for blocking out and not accepting the change. From the beginning of the movie, when the Toby McGuire is...
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