Topics: Coco, Realize, The Little Things Pages: 3 (1102 words) Published: November 21, 2010
Simpler Times
In the Movie Pleasantville, two teenagers are taken from a crazy lifestyle; they are teleported to a faraway place called Pleasantville. Where everything is picture perfect, the town where everybody is friendly and there are no dangerous things to be found. But a place where everything is perfect isn’t always the case. Things may seem perfect on the outside but are totally different on the inside of Pleasantville. Being perfect still has it drawback even in place where things seem to be cheerful and perfect. During their visit to Pleasantville they see three major themes; concept of change is one, the second theme is discrimination, and finally the third theme would be racial segregation. Right off the bat you notice that when things aren’t done in the proper order it throws off everything off. In normal life that is always to be expected. However in Pleasantville when that happens it is like the end of the world, if the tiniest detail is forgotten it throws the whole routine off balance. You see a little bit of foreshadowing of this when David and Jennifer first arrive at Pleasantville and they turn on the T.V. Their mother comes in the room and asks them why they are watching T.V at 8AM in the morning. Than it happens again when Bud is late for his job at the Malt Shop and Bill the owner has finished all the chores that Bud normally does and when Bud came in late he found Bill wiping the counter in the same spot and he has worn the finish off. Then it happens again later on. Bill panics because the routine got changed. Once the townspeople start to have feelings and start to see the bigger picture. Things start to change. For the people who haven’t changed yet they absolutely hate it. An incident that happened not to long before the rules became necessary. When Betty is walking thru town and is cornered by a group of men who are up to no good. Luckily Bud was able to defend Betty. This type of outburst is something new to Pleasantville. What...
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