Plc Programmable Logic Controller

Topics: Hydraulic machinery, Programmable logic controller, Hydraulics Pages: 23 (6266 words) Published: March 29, 2013

* Company Products & Services
* Abstract
* Hydraulic System
* Bow Compression Machine
* Circuit Diagram
* Description
* Chiller Unit
* Solenoid valve
* Introduction To PLC
* Software
* Advantages Of PLC
* Introduction To PLC
* Existing System
* Proposed System
* Ladder Logic Diagram
* Ladder Logic Description
* Energy Saving Calculation
* For Existing Method
* For Proposed Method
* Advantages & Applications
* Conclusion
* References


One of the challenging factor in factories, for the proper functioning of the machine for the long duration with efficiency is to keep certain parameters within a specific range. Thus, in this paper, we have designed a ladder diagram for running PLC with the objective to automatically control the hydraulic system. Our main requirement is to design a PLC which can be connected to hydraulic system to implement the parameters and operations like Temperature detection, Pressure detection, Lubrication, Automatic machine operation and Oil level detection. The mentioned parameters and operations can be sensed and operated through PLC without any manual checking and operation. This saves more power to industries by reducing the power consumption.

In the last decades, the machines used in the industries were operated manually. So keeping its certain important parameters in a specific range was difficult. Also they can not be checked out frequently. This results in improper functioning of the machine. Also, the machines cannot work efficiently for a long time. For example, if the temperature of the oil goes beyond the desired value it will affect the machine function. Hence the machine accessories cannot withstand this high temperature. This leads to the damage in machine and the durability of the machine also gets reduced.

Thus, the working machine requires frequent checking of certain parameters to maintain the value within the specified range for proper operation. The various parameters to be checked frequently are:

1. Temperature detection
2. Lubrication
3. Automatic machine operation
4. Oil level detection
5. Pressure

Thus we are using a PLC to control all these parameters. We are designing a ladder diagram to control all the parameters automatically. In this paper, we are describing about the hydraulic drive system in which PLC is used to control its working. An introduction of PLC is provided and also the ladder diagram overview. We will be discussing about the advantages of PLC and also the power saving estimation in the industries by using PLC.
The machine which we have taken under consideration for implementation is BOW CORRECTION MACHINE. Also, the chiller unit is described as it plays a major role for the power saving purpose.

A hydraulic drive system is a drive or transmission system that uses pressurized hydraulic fluid to drive hydraulic machinery. The term hydrostatic refers to the transfer of energy from flow and pressure, not from the kinetic energy of the flow. Principle of a hydraulic drive

Pascal's law is the basis of hydraulic drive systems. As the pressure in the system is the same, the force that the fluid gives to the surroundings is therefore equal to pressure × area. In such a way, a small piston feels a small force and a large piston feels a large force. For an understanding of how a hydraulic system works, we must know the basic principles, or laws, of hydraulics, that is, of confined liquids under pressure. This will be made easier, however, if we first examine the somewhat simpler laws governing the behavior of liquids when unconfined, that is, in open containers. 1. Liquids in open containers. 

a.Density and...
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