Playing It Safe

Topics: Psychology, Learning, Attachment theory Pages: 1 (341 words) Published: January 30, 2011
“To play it safe is not to play.”
- Robert Altman

I have played it safe in my professional life. When beginning my career in advertising ten years ago, I applied the theories and skills learned while completing my Sociology degree and found the path that was not only comfortable, but padded by benefits, expense accounts, and holiday bonuses. I was comforted by knowing what to expect and not having an emotional attachment to the subject matter that I was promoting. TI worked with small realtors, dentists, and restaurants, all the way up to large multimillion-dollar packaged goods companies, technology companies, and even alcohol brands. I was the point of contact with the clients, and I loved fostering new relationships while problem-solving and increasing sales. I have further developed my analytical skills by working on a variety of projects that covered operations, marketing, strategic planning, and organization with companies of all sizes but have a need to further my skills in leadership and management strategies as well as practical tools to understand the change in complex and diverse work environments. Leading teams, I have a reputation of guiding, motivating, and mentoring other team members and this is a strong foundation that will be brought through my education and future work roles. I have applied my understanding of group dynamics learned in my undergraduate work to these tasks. My job roles were very well-suited to my detail-oriented skills and my ability to conceptualize out-of-the-box solutions. The companies’ missions, however, have not appealed to me, and, thus, I have had a struggle. I have compromised my own dreams with what I thought was the more responsible choice. And this, of course, has lead to an unfulfilling career. While I gained an immense amount of knowledge that will serve as a building block to my future, I am finally ready to change directions. And, with my recent layoff, I now have an opportunity to transform my own future...
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