Playbooks and Checkbooks

Topics: Game, Play, Thought Pages: 3 (968 words) Published: April 29, 2013
Playbooks and Checkbooks
When reading the book Playbooks and Checkbooks, it gives you an in depth look on the sports industry of today. The side of the sports industry that none of us have a chance to see unless we become involved in it. Mr Szymanski did an amazing job of taking similar stories that we may or may not know and was able to relate them to each chapter. He also showed us how the competiton is just not between the teams its also between the organization.

Chapter 1
The first chapter of the book gives us a closer look at how the sports business originally started. It began back in the older times as a training tactic. It was said that if you could perform well in sports that you were thought to grow into a vicious warrior. As the 1870s rolled around that’s when most of the world was full of gentlemen that wanted to participate in something to get away from the stress of being held of a household. That’s when the game of baseball was introduced and instead of just playing the men made two teams, one lead by a man named Al Spaulding and the other lead by Charles Alcock. The two had different thoughts on participating in the game. Spalding was good at it so he took it as something he can just play for fun to get away from the crazy world for a little while Alcock, on the other hand, was not considered good so he looked at in a business sense to make money.

Chapter 2
In this chapter Szymanski talks about how competiton in sports makes money. For example we as humans like the thought and feeling of competiton and we will pay large amounts to see our favorite team play. That’s why collegiate athletic directors tend not to mind when a coach wants to schedule a top ranked opponent because they know it will be televised and that will bring more money in for school whether the win or lose instead of a game against a less superior team that tends to look at and say “that’s a cupcake game”. With that being said that’s...
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