Play the Piano and Play the Guitar

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The Difference Between Piano and Guitar Playing

Difference of Piano Playing and Guitar Playing
If you are undecided on which instrument you’d prefer your kid to learn, here are a number of technical and non-technical aspects to consider.


A quick look at enrollment statistics would immediately tell you that most piano students are girls while most guitar students are boys. This doesn’t mean that your daughter shouldn’t learn the guitar or vice versa, but you should be aware that she’s less likely to find other girls to share her interests if you do eventually decide to sign her up with guitar lessons.


Guitars will always be more affordable to purchase than pianos. This is not to say that one instrument is more desirable than the other but if you consider the practicalities alone, it’s clear that pianos are larger and require greater engineering compared to guitars, hence their higher price tags.

Another thing you should consider is the amount of space it takes up, which could also make a difference to your budget. Pianos aren’t something you can store away in a case to keep it safe from dirt and all other dangers. Pianos have to be maintained and tuned regularly, which also means availing professional services regularly.


The level of complexity tends to be greater with piano lessons. Guitar has nineteen to twenty-four frets and four to six strings. A standard piano has over eighty keys. Right away, you’ll know that there will be more combinations to master when playing the piano compared to the guitar.

Thus, you have to ask yourself – will your child find such complexity an inspiring or discouraging challenge?


There is a kind of freedom commonly associated with guitar – no doubt due to its popular use in rock and roll and country music – that you don’t find associated as often with piano music. It’s easier to express one’s self through music when playing the guitar than the piano.

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