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  • Published : May 3, 2009
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Introduction:This is set in the fancy dress party where Jack is dressed as Saddam and Stan is dressed as Sir Francis Drake. Jack has just returned to the party from his conversation with Bernie. This is a dialogue between Jack and Stan about their relationships between each other and how previous events like the flipper and making profits from car parks have affected their nature of relationship where Stan is starting to distrust and feel disappointed at Jack for his past behaviours and where Jack is learning to avoid continuous disrespectful and impudent acts towards others around him. It is also about their attitudes and values towards bowls which concealed what their values in life are. (Stan sitting at the bar, smoking. Jack returns to bar and grabbing a beer) Stan: Wait, son. How was your moment with the Elvis? Earning big money from him? Jack:Now hang on a minute, Sir Frances. You shouldn’t accuse innocent people. Stan:I mean, you better not do anything stupid to the club. It’s our last chance. Jack:What do you mean, Stan?

Stan:What I mean son is that this Club is our home. Our lives and if we lose it we’ll have nothing. (Jack puts his hand on Stan’s shoulder)
Jack:Well, you don’t have to worry mate. There is no way I will let that whacker get his hands on the Club. Stan: I’m not sure if I can trust you, son, after all the little mistakes and lies that you’ve made. Besides, there’s no point in trusting you, you don’t even take bowls seriously. Jack:Hold up, when have I done something stupid to the Club? Stan:When you throw that stupid bloody flipper. No bloke would do something as foolish as that. Jack:Now you listen here. My flipper is the ultimate killer. (Jack does a flipper bowl in air)

Stan: You can say that again. Your ultimate killer nearly cost us our place in the tournament. Jack:Oh! Come on Stan. You know I had to try it out.
Stan:Even blind people know that you disgrace the game of bowls. Jack:How would they know,...
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