Play in Early Childhood Education

Topics: Developmentally Appropriate Practice, Play, Game Pages: 2 (548 words) Published: February 13, 2011
1. Play is child directed. It consists of activities that are self performed, not directed by the teacher. Play is an important part of a child’s social, behavioural and cognitive development. Through play children can use their own imagination and creativity to create their environment, they have control over the outcome since there are no rules, their actions are spontaneous, non literal, process oriented and enjoyable. (Developmentally Appropriate Practice, 2011, p. 33) 2. The four categories of play are functional play, symbolic play which has two categories; constructive play and dramatic play, and games with rules. a. Functional play also known as “practice play” is the common form of play for infants and toddlers. Their actions are often repetitive and contribute towards the infant or child achieving confidence which is important towards developing their physical skills. An example of functional play would be a child a child putting objects in a box then emptying and doing it over again. b. Symbolic play has two categories: constructive play and dramatic play. It is commonly seen in two year olds and progresses into the adult years. i. Constructive play involves a child using material to create something. An example would be a child using boxes to create a fort. Constructive is similar to functional play just with more detail. ii. Dramatic play is when a child pretends to be someone or plays a role. An example of dramatic play would be a child dressing up with a cape and pretending that they are a superhero. Sociodramatic play is when there two or more children role playing together. An example would be playing school, one child is the teacher and the other the student. c. Games with rules are common with school aged children. They can be known games or ones that the children create and involve a child’s logical thinking and social skills. An example would be a group of children playing hide and go seek....
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