Play Activity

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Play Activity
The following are the three aims which are needed to be undertaken with regards to this play activity: To help children learn about peacocks by informing them in circle time, To develop children’s creative development through messy play, To complete this assignment as part of my Early Childhood Education module.


Name of activity:Hand Painted Peacock
Setting: The setting consist will consist of a Montessori preschool. It will be bright and spaceous and perfect for the children to do their art activity.
Number of Children: Nineteen children will do this play activity.

Age of Children: 21/2 – 4 years old

Gender of Children: The gender of the children will be a mixture of male and female.
Timing: I will spend approximately 10 minutes preparing, an hour doing the actual activity with the children, 10 minutes cleaning up and about 5 minutes of circle time talking to the children about a peacock.

Materials needed and cost:The materials that will be needed will be non-toxic green. blue, yellow and pink paint, containers for the paint, coloured pencil, bibs for the children and A4 paper. The cost will amount up to approximately €10.

Discussion with supervisor:Before Christmas I told the supervisor that I would be doing an art activity with the children and she gave me permission to do this activity.
Safety:This activity will be safe for the children to undertake. The paint is non-toxic so the children will not be inhaling any harmful toxins
Equality of opportunity: An equal opportunity will be offered to the children regardless of their race, colour, sex, ethnic background and religious beliefs.

Preparation of space and materials: I will spend 10 minutes preparing the activity. I will prepare the paint, putting them into a container, get bibs for the children to prevent any messing of their cloths. I will put a...
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