Platoon: Movie Summary

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  • Published : April 17, 2012
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Response to the Film “Platoon”

The main character of the film “Platoon” is named Chris Taylor and is played by actor Charlie Sheen. Attempting to run away from his fake, sheltered life back home, Chris chose to drop out of college and join the U.S. Army. He did not feel it was right that the poor be forced into going to war, and the wealthy are excluded. Originally, Chris felt it was a necessary war and it was his duty to fight in it. Shortly after witnessing some excruciating horrors of war, his view changes indefinitely. In my opinion, the real turning point for Chris was after witnessing the disturbing display of his friend Manny’s remains. I feel like this was the first thing in a string of events that really changed Chris as a person. He stopped writing letters to his Grandparents, starts smoking marijuana very often, and becomes a very stern character. Chris quickly discovers a great deal of corruption in the military and is eventually faced with a serious moral conflict. Chris has to choose whether he should let the military handle an out of control sergeant, or if he should take justice into his own hands. After a very intense battle, Chris was given the opportunity to kill the sergeant and he takes it. There were two main sergeants in this film, Sergeant Elias and Sergeant Barnes. They each represent a group of Americans that many can relate to. Some will do anything to get what they want, while others consider the thoughts and feelings of other human beings. Sgt. Elias is confidant, honest, passionate, and a natural born leader. He looked at the Vietnamese as real people, and would never kill unless he felt like it was necessary. Although Sgt. Elias was in charge of leading troops to victory, he felt like the U.S. was going to lose the war. Although Sgt. Barnes was a great leader, he led troops in a different direction. The sergeant was brutal to say the least. He had no remorse for his senseless killings, and was not afraid to kill one of his...
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