Plato Republic the Noble Lie

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  • Published : October 8, 1999
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As with all other topics discussed in "The Republic of Plato," the section in which he discusses the myths of the metals or the "noble lie" is layered with questioning and potential symbolism, possible contradiction, and a significant measure of allusion. In Chapter X of "The Republic," Plato presents "The Selection of Rulers: The Guardians' Manner of Living." In it, he discusses the necessities of education as they apply to the appropriate selection of and reparation for the community's leaders. As in other areas of "The Republic," Plato carefully outlines the delineations which form the basis for the types of rulers to be installed in the state. "Rulers" (legislative and udicial), "Auxiliaries" (executive), and "Craftsmen" (productive and fficacious) are the titles of the categories and are based, not on birth or wealth, but on natural capacities and aspirations. Plato was convinced that children born into any class should still be moved up or down based on their merits regardless of their connections or heritage. He believes the citizens of the State will support and benefit from such a system and presents the idea in the form of an allegorical myth. His allegory was based in part on the prevalent belief that some people were literally "autochthonous," born from the soil, and partly from the stories of the philosopher Hesiod who chronicled the genealogy of the gods and goddesses as well as their accomplishments and exploits. Hesiod's account of the Golden, Silver, and Bronze races which had succeeded one another before the current to "The Republic's" age of Iron forms the basis for the myths of the metals. Since the ancient Greeks were convinced that all myths were primarily the work of even more ancient poets who had been inspired by the Muses, some ther "divine" force, or consciously invented, the lesson in the story of the metals was to be paid attention to in order to learn the important truth (or truths) that form the core...
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