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Plato Reflection

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The Greek Philosopher Plato was very influential during his time. He was a student of Socrates so he had many of the same views as his teacher. Although he learned much from him, he still had his own views on life. Plato had very distinct outlook on what knowledge is and sometimes denied reality. This was called Platonism. Essentially this means denying the reality of the material world. This is somewhat related to Theory of Forms, where the world isn’t actually there, it is just an image or a copy. It is weird because to me, it seems he didn’t believe in all physical objects that are abundant in the real world.

Another Plato view is known as Epistemology. This basically meant knowledge is innate and is within the human soul. Plato’s belief of every soul existing before birth had perfect knowledge of anything and everything. So, when someone said they learned something it was actually just a recollection from their soul. This view to me seems a little bit far-fetched. We obviously now know that we learn things as our minds develop from a young child into adulthood.

Love, what everyone seems to be seeking, was also in Plato’s teachings. He viewed Love as a ladder where you progressed from one step to another. The steps in order are, a beautiful body, all beautiful bodies, beautiful souls, beauty of laws and institutions, beauty of knowledge, and finally Beauty itself. I can partially see his point of view on love. Everyone is always looking for outer beauty at first. Attraction if you will. It then goes from there into inner beauty where a person connects spiritually and makes a love connection that way.

Plato also had a view on the caste system he used to classify society. His system consisted of 3 separate tiers. The first was “Productive”, which represented the abdomen. These were the laborers during his time. The second tier was “Protective”, which represented the chest. These were known as the guardians or armed forces. The final tier was...

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