Plato and Freedom

Topics: Plato, Cicero, Political philosophy Pages: 2 (576 words) Published: March 6, 2013
What Exactly is Freedom?

What does Freedom mean exactly? There is no specific definition of Freedom. Everyone has his or her own definition of Freedom. One definition of freedom is to have “anything that I what, when I want, and have no worries.” People say that the United States won its Freedom a long time ago, but where is the Freedom? Everywhere people go, there are rules. People are always at war, and there is never peace. Yes, the United States is freer than other countries in many ways, but Freedom means free, not halfway free.

In the United States, people are not allowed to make any decisions of their own until they are eighteen. People are not allowed to smoke cigarettes until they are eighteen. People are not allowed to drink until they are twenty-one. People are not allowed to work legally until they are eighteen without limited hours. People cannot vote until they are eighteen. People cannot smoke marijuana or do drugs legally in all states, and there is no age limit. People cannot speak freely without other people’s opinions or getting into an argument. For an example, the president could say that he wants to ban guns in the United States, and many people would be against it and stir up conflict.

For everyone in the United States, no one actually has total freedom. There are so many rules and laws stating what people can or cannot do. People are always fighting, about anything in general. Some companies even have battles. It seems like no matter who or where, there is always going to be a war or two going on. People in the United States complain daily and struggle to keep up with all the rules and laws the Government wrote. Half of the laws and rules are crazy and makes no sense at all. For an example, there are laws about not being allowed to walk into a public place with no shoes or shirts on. It seems as if in the United States with its “rights” to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness , citizens do not keep...
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