Plato's Utopia

Topics: Sociology, Political philosophy, Philosophy Pages: 3 (810 words) Published: November 25, 2012
I. What is the main argument of Plato about society, social relationships, and the individuals relationship with his society?

Plato, the Father of Philosophy, was known as a Classical Greek philosopher, mathematician, founder of the Academy in Athens, and lastly, as a writer. In fact, one of his books, The Republic, was one of the best-known work and has proven to be one of the most intellectually and historically influential works of philosophy and political theory. The central principle of this book is Plato’s argument about the ideal society. Likewise, it was said that the main argument of The Republic is about being a good person, the struggle for justice. Plato ideally dreamt of a world grounded by genuine goodness.

Moreover, Plato’s account doesn’t only talks about the ideal society and justice, he also focuses on the issues about goodness, censorship, education, etc. With concerns to censorship, in this book, he mentioned that “censorship“ (basically referring to videos and music), plays an important role in one society because basically, it could give license to everyone in a republic, and thus can lead people to of course, do whatever they want. Another concept or argument in Plato’s account is his belief of goodness. He emphasizes that being good is actually good, and to add on to that, he also stated that virtue is what makes a person internal and thus gives harmony to one’s soul. Education was also one of the theme of the text. In his writing, this great philosopher pointed out that education was the whole course of the state, of our lives.It is all about our ethics, jobs, life, career, destiny and faith. In relation to this, he mentioned about the concept of “pragmatism” which talks about how a person deals with the world and not transcend on judging culture.

Likewise, Plato’s republic also deal with the solutions to overcome sexual discrimination. According to him,...
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