Plato's Realm

Topics: Aristotle, Epistemology, Mind Pages: 1 (368 words) Published: September 29, 2008
Plato believed there are two types of realms. He said there are a realm of appearances and a realm of forms. “To understand Plato's worldview, it is important to grasp the distinction that he makes between sensible "things" and "forms" (Russo).” There is no proof that there are two types of realms. “Thinking is not the same thing as the having of sensations; it is not literally true that “seeing is believing” (Engle, 271).” I do not agree with Plato’s metaphysics. Having two different realms are unbelievable. He believed the realm of appearances are made up of objects and shadow images. He believed the real of forms are made up of lower half of the objects and mathematical and the higher half is the justice, truth, and love. “Plato expresses this by saying that the Form is a “model” of which the sensible thing is a “copy” or “imitation” (Engle, 272).” This idea of Plato makes me confused. Does it mean the Forms can make clones after clones until it is perfect? Does it mean the forms never age? We are imperfect and we are appearances in Plato’s idea. How can the Forms be so perfect? We change our styles, our appearances as we age, and we change internally and externally. Why can’t Forms’ change? How do the Forms’ know they are actually in the realm of forms and not appearance? I think what Plato is trying to imply that the Appearances are the souls and Forms are the body. Souls are not real, but the body is. “He believes that for particular and imperfect thing that exists in the sensible realm there is a corresponding absolute and perfect Form (Russo).” If the society heard about Plato’s metaphysics, I doubt they would believe in it. It may cause chaos. People who think it is true, they will think they can actually die and relieve again and do what they like. I do not see a true reason for having two realms. Plato’s metaphysics seems to be trying to respond to the relativism of the Sophists, who were persuasively arguing that true and...
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