Plath Wuthering Heights

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  • Published : October 13, 2012
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“The grass is beating its head distractedly.”- Mentally disturbed people, reflects the speaker’s state of mind. The grasses and her state of mind have become one. Although her psychology is very present in it, it’s still a landscape poem that brings this environment to vital life in a really amazing way •The speaker is the one who appears vulnerable, nature is her attacker. She refers to them in a “grandmotherly disguise,” this is a reference to the fairy-tale ‘Little Red Riding Hood’ Plath is taking the innocence and naivety of this familiar story and turning it into something rather sinister. By referring to the sheep as “grandmotherly,” the speaker becomes red riding hood and therefore becomes the victim, nature to the speaker is not to be trusted; it manipulates victims, as it is in a “disguise.” •“The horizons ring me like faggots.” The constant repetition of “me” demonstrates that there is a personal attack; nature becomes a threat to her. The “horizons” are normally a representation of freedom, but becomes a threat, as they are plural (enabling them to surround her) therefore she is outnumbered. •“The house lights/Gleam like small change”- highlighting the distance between the speaker and those living in the houses, she is simply looking in, isolated. •“Invite me/to whiten my bones among them”- beckoning her in, she almost wants to, death is encourage, as if it is an escape or a release. Nature draws her closer to death; she can either fight death or is drawn/compelled to death. •“pin evaporate”- shows the lack of solidity in nature •“Blacks stone, black stone” –remains of a home or perhaps indicates grave stones. • “Limped”(wobbled)- “Lintel”(support)- featured word of opposite meaning emphasising the temporary nature of existence •“The sky leans on me, me”- the sky is oppressing her; the wind is attacking only her.- she dislikes her role in society seemingly being oppressed by it •“To funnel my heat away”- The fire offers some sort of...
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