Plate Tectonics Press Release

Topics: Plate tectonics, Earthquake, Transform fault Pages: 3 (816 words) Published: July 8, 2012
Plate Tectonics Press Release

GLG /101
June, 22, 2012
Jacqueline Powell

Plate Tectonics Press Release
Earthquakes always seemed to catch us off guard. No matter how much we plan for them, we never really seem to be prepared for the after affects it leaves on us or our community. As we dig into the meaning of earthquakes I will cover a variety of issues. First I will go over the hazards associated with earthquakes in Los Angeles, origin and caused of earthquakes, the relation of earthquakes to plate tectonics and faults in Los Angeles, historical disasters associated with past earthquakes, and lastly I will cover potential of future earthquake events. There seems to be two different groups of hazards. You have the primary hazard and the secondary hazards. Ground motion would be a primary hazard. While secondary hazards our considered any after effect related to the earthquake. Such fires, ground liquefaction and tsunami (Freeman T, 2009).One of the biggest well knows hazards associated with earthquakes in Los Angeles would be the infamous ground shaking. This causes damages to structures. Buildings are demolished or topple over. In other cases because the soil is met with water it can cause the building to sink. This is called Liquefaction. (Michigan Tech, 2007). Liquefaction is a hazard that happens when there is underground water. A good example of this would be what you see when Japan is hit with an earthquake. When we see the ground shake it can cause many ripple effects. Such as mudslides, avalanches on high hills and landslides when these occur we have seen people get hurt or even die. As well as more damages that occur to buildings in the area of these ripple effects. Another hazard would be fires. The fires usually are started by perhaps a power line or a broken gas line. Then you have a flood that seems to be an added hazard. The cause of flooding would b broken dames or rivers. Then you have Tsunamis which occurs...
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