Plate Tectonic Theory

Topics: Plate tectonics, Earth, Lithosphere Pages: 2 (454 words) Published: February 12, 2013
Plate tectonic is a scientific theory of Earth Science which basically defines the large scale motions of the atmosphere of the Earth. The Plate Tectonic theory is based on the continental drift concept The theory was first developed in the first decades of 20th century.

According to the Plate Tectonic theory, the lithosphere breaks up into the tectonic plates. Currently, there are seven or eight major plates in the Earth. Generally, the lithospheric plates remain on the asthenosphere. All the plates move in relation to one another and according to this rule, three plate boundaries are formed. Such as: the collisional or convergent boundaries, spreading center or divergent boundaries and transform or conservative boundaries. All the major activities like the eruption of the volcanoes, earthquakes, oceanic trench and mountain building occur along the plate boundaries.

The types of boundaries are described below:
• Convergent boundaries- Another name of the convergent boundaries is the destructive boundaries. This kind of boundaries occur when both of the plates slide towards one another and forms a subduction zone or a acontinental collision. Typically the deep marine trenches are associated with the subduction zones. The basins which develop along with the active boundary area are often known as the "foreland basins". • Divergent boundaries- This type of boundaries are also known as the constructive boundaries. These boundaries construct where both of the plates slide apart from one another. Active zones of the rift and mid-ocean ridges are the examples of divergent boundaries. • Conservative boundaries- This type of boundaries transform where the plates slide or grind past one another along the transform faults. The relative motion of these two types of plates is dextral or sinistral. Apart from these three boundaries, a plate boundary zone is occurred where the interaction effects are unclear and the broad belt along the boundary zones are...
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