Plastic Surgery and It's Side Effects

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This is a paper I had to do in one of my first college courses. This paper is about plastic surgery and the side effects that are not always mentioned to the patient before or at the time of surgery. Again, please remember that this was my first paper so it is not the best. I do hope however that it can be beneficial to someone in their search foe the same answers.

Plastic surgery procedures have been being performed on people from all walks of life for many years now and most people come away with a rejuvenated self-esteem. While not everyone has had a bad outcome, the side effects of plastic surgery can not only be devastating but it can even possibly take ones life. As with any surgical procedure there are risks involved and with plastic surgery becoming more popular in today’s world with such shows as The Swan, Extreme Makeover, and I want a Famous Face, there is no question as to why more people are jumping aboard the plastic surgery band wagon. This could prove potentially harmful if the patient does not take the time to decide if this truly what he or she wants.

The most common factor for a potential plastic surgery patient to take into consideration is ones own physical and mental health prior to any surgical procedure. These two key elements can be the deciding factor in the patient’s outcome. Someone who is in poor physical health is more likely to have a slower recovery time from a surgical procedure verses that of a patient who is in good health prior to surgery. It is never any physician’s intention to cause harm to a patient. Surgery is surgery however no matter if it is cosmetic or health related and there will never be a time when a surgery is risk free or when a patient never experiences and adverse side effect. This is why it is so important for the patient to be open and honest with the surgeon when inquiring about a plastic surgery procedure. The risk from having surgery is not the only problems that can occur. There are other factors that come into play as to how the patient’s surgery experience and recovery may be affected. One such example is a patient not telling the surgeon about ones medical history and what medications the patient may currently be taking, regardless if it is prescribed or medicinal. Most people know that prescribed medicines can affect the outcome of a surgical procedure by interfering with other medications that may be used during the surgery or during recovery. However, not too many people know that herbal medicines can cause potentially dangerous side effects during plastic surgery. According to a study in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, the official medical journal of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) almost 55 percent of plastic surgery patients, compared to the 24 percent in general public, take supplements. All of the 55 percent plastic surgery patients took at least two different types of herbal remedies and at least one daily. The most popular supplements taken were Chondroitin (18 percent) and Ephedra (18 percent). Chondroitin is used to combat osteoarthritis however, if this supplement is taken by a plastic surgery patient it can lead to bleeding complications during surgery. Ephedra which has been known to promote weight loss and increase energy can cause lethal side effects in surgery patients such as heart attacks, heart arrhythmia, stroke and even death. The FDA has now since banned Ephedra for these reasons. So a patient should tell the surgeon of any medicines that one is taking prior to surgery. There may be a discontinuation period that can last up to 24 hours to one month prior to having any procedure performed. The physical health of a patient is very important indeed but it should not be the only concern of the patient and the surgeon. A patient who is ailing mentally is also at risk.

Studies have shown that women who have had breast augmentations have a slightly higher...
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