Plastic Surgery

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  • Published : December 10, 2012
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Plastic Surgery/Cosmetic Surgery Acquainting with the fact that a growing number of youngster fails into the snares of cosmetic surgery makes me feel disappointed and heartbreaking since they uncritically regard plastic surgery as the most fabulous investment to be successful in both their careers and various relationships. Nevertheless, they can no longer realize cosmetic surgery is a wolf in sleep’s clothing and also the dreadful consequences it brought about. First of all, the influence of mass media on youth is second to none. With the massive information which are widely published everyday, teenagers can easily have false idea over plastic surgery. As mass media often stress on the catchy appearances of celebrities instead of their inner beauty, mentally immature youngsters are susceptible to what they have learnt from television or newspaper. For instance, the media organized shows about ‘blossomed women’. Some ‘experts’ are hired to advocate or convince the public that beauty is everything. This may have a worrying impact on the youths by misleading them plastic surgery is an answer to all their problems. Therefore, they may pin their hopes on cosmetic surgery in order to boost their self-esteem. As a result, mass media should bear most of the responsibility of leading adolescents to end up in the tragedy of cosmetic surgery. Though teenagers always want to obtain a perfect look after having the surgery, they may overlook the effects or consequences brought by it. Failing case is far from new and thus we cannot rule out this side effect in spite of having advanced technology. Furthermore, in recent times, discrimination on people having cosmetic surgery can also be found in the society. Therefore, the reality may have a huge contrast with their original aim of having plastic surgery since there are still risks of failure and being looked down. As a matter of fact, what matters...
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