Plastic Bag vs Non-Woven Bag

Topics: Bags, Environmentalism, Bag-In-Box Pages: 2 (723 words) Published: November 10, 2012
Topic : Plastic Bag VS Non-woven Bag (to prove non-woven bags are not environmentally friendly and less should be used).

Say NO to non-woven bags!

’Thanks for taking your own recyclable bag!’ many sales of retail shops say this as to reduce the use of plastic bags. Nowadays, it is not difficult to find at least one non-woven bag in each single family in Hong Kong and its usage has been skyrocketed. But does it mean they are more environmentally friendly than plastic bags? By contrasting plastic bags and non-woven bags in the degree of needs, space-consuming difficulties and the content of plastic contained between two types of bags, it would be able to figure out which one is more environmentally friendly.

Many non-woven bags have not been fully-used and become a kind of wastage which lead to a surplus. Non-woven bags have been highly produced by an increase of 96% and turns out a situation of supply larger than demand. Since a survey has conducted that 40% of interviewed families in Hong Kong have over 10 non-woven bags at home, more than half have been used once only. Also, a group of environmentalists had collected over 1000 non-woven bags within 2 weeks in Hong Kong too. Unlike non-woven bags, plastic bags have been decreased by 68%. And they can be used as trash bags, to line waste cans and to pickup dogs’ waste, which are recyclable as well. Moreover, plastic bags can be used to pack the used-umbrellas in rainy days too. Therefore, it depends on how we use the bag, it is not a MUST for non-woven bags are more useful than plastic bags.

Apart from the halfly-used problem, non-woven bags also required more space for storage than the plastic bags. In size, non-woven bags are larger, which are obviously required more space than plastic bags since they contained more materials. And the government admitted that once they have been abandoned, like since 2009, the number of non-woven bags that filled...
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