Plaster of Paris

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Plaster is a substance mainly used in building and construction. There are three main types of plaster--lime plaster, gypsum plaster and plaster of Paris, a type of gypsum plaster with a variety of uses. The name "plaster of Paris" is taken from the gypsum mines that were worked in the city of Paris starting in the Middle Ages. Main Difference

One main difference between plaster of Paris and other types of plaster is the ingredients used and the way in which they combine. Lime plaster, also known as wall plaster, according to the DIY Stuff website on making wall plaster, mixes quicklime with water, which chemically heat up to a high temperature as they combine. Gypsum Plaster

Gypsum plaster is made by adding gypsum dust to lime plaster, according to DIY Stuff. Gypsum plaster also heats up due to chemical processes as it combines. Plaster of Paris
Plaster of Paris does not use lime plaster, but is mixed using water and powdered gypsum, according to the White Sands New Mexico--About Gypsum website. Plaster of Paris does not chemically create heat when combined, unlike lime or gypsum plaster, according to DIY Stuff. Different Uses

Another difference between Plaster of Paris and other plasters is its versatility---lime and gypsum plaster are used for building and repair work, according to a Building Green TV website on lime plaster. Plaster of Paris can be used for arts and crafts work and creating plaster casts, as well as regular repair work such as patching plaster walls. Ease of Use

Plaster of Paris does not harden as quickly as lime or gypsum plaster because it does not chemically heat up or "cook" as they do. Because it remains cool, you can shape, mold and manipulate it more easily than other plasters, according to DIY Stuff. Safety Factor

Plaster of Paris is safer to work with because it does not heat to a high temperature. Lime plaster can cause severe burns if handled withou

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