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Plap I Leadership

By | Feb. 2011
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Personal Leadership Assessment and Philosophy Project
Phase I

Prepared for
Professor Jim McCambridge, PhD
MGT 620 – Organizational Behavior and Leadership

Prepared by
Hanh Dang
MMP student

Colorado State University

September 27, 2010

When I was a little girl, people often asked me: “What do you want to do in the future?” I was not reluctant to say that I want to be a director. In my mind at that time, I thought that a director was the powerful person that could give orders to his staffs. When I grew up, I still want to be a director. However, my ideas and concepts about leadership have been changed. I started to think about what leadership is, will I become a good leader in the near future, and what qualifications I am short of. That is what this legacy paper does. I will begin by stating my personal definition of leadership and how that leadership definition develops. Broadly speaking, I will be examining my knowledge of myself, knowledge of others and my personal practices of leadership.

When defining what leadership is, I concentrated on what was most important to a leader. Since leadership is so broad and so situational, this could not be a definition that could be applied to everyone. Rather, the task is to determine who I am as a leader. I asked myself what the factors that comprise a leader are. And what makes these things add up to create something larger than ourselves as leaders. To strengthen my ideas, I connect my thought with some examples in my working experiences. I observed some great managers that I had a chance to work with them and how they were leaders. One was a Finance Director of Ford Vietnam Limited. He encouraged and helped us to improve the payment process that reduced claims from supplier. In addition, he worked very hard, and he was the person who come to the office very early and leaved after all the staffs had gone home. He set the example for us to follow in...

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