Plants Growth Investigation

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  • Published : November 28, 2010
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Eugenia B. Tomas K-8 Center

Science Fair
“Plants Growth investigation”

Student: Daniela Tristan.
Teacher: Mrs. Pena.

Title of the project:
Plants Growth investigation


The purpose of this experiment is that by watering more a plant will help it grow more or less.

I hypothesized that the plant that will grow the most will be the plant that will be watered the most.


If a plant given an unlimited supply of moisture will grow more rapidly than a plant given the recommended amount of water.

To prove my hypothesis I will use the following materials:

• Bean and mielie seeds
• Cotton wool
• Tap water

My preparation includes:

• Putting one cotton wool ring on six separate saucers
• Placing one bean and one mielie seed on each ring
• Covering the seeds with another ring
• Label three as A and three as B

Group A got 10ml water as a start and from there on 4ml three times a day. Group B got 50ml water that was kept constant throughout the experiment.

By placing both on the same windows ill means it will be a fair test.

Independent variable: amount of water given
Dependent variable: the growth rate
Controlled variable: environment and climate

First the two plants were bought from Walmart.Also my mom and I put a paper labeling plant watered the most will be plant labeled A and plant B will be the one watered the most.

Then I had been measuring the growth of the plants. And for last plant B will be watered in the morning and in the night and plant A will be watered every other day.

My results are that the plant that is watered the most will grow the most.

My conclusion is that by watering a plant the most can help people like farmers to grow their plants faster.

Background info:

Irrigation dose is the amount of irrigation water that we apply to our plants according to their specific needs. It is usually expressed in liters per square meter per year (l/m2/year) for small...
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