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A and B Level Objectives


The B-Level Objective is an analytical book report.

This analytical book report will critically examine an important scholarly book covering some aspect of United States history up to 1877. The purpose of this report is twofold: first to acquaint the student with a classic volume of historical scholarship and second, to allow the student to think critically and comparatively about an important facet of American history while organizing thoughts in clear, cogent prose. The student should not view this assignment simply as a hurdle to overcome in order to earn the grade of “B", but rather approach it as an opportunity to expand creative thinking and writing, two very important aspects of any individual's life skills.

Each book report will be approximately 1500 words long, typewritten or word processed, although this length is a general guideline and not an absolute requirement. The main objective of this analytical book report is to comprehensively cover the three sections of the following book report outline:

Part I: This is a brief outline of the essence of the book. In the space of two or three paragraphs you should be able to convey the parameters of the book's contents.
Part II: Here is the place for a careful summary of the author's thesis. The thesis is the primary idea the author is trying to prove and convince the reader to accept as valid. You must first identify the thesis and then show how the author either substantiates or fails to substantiate these theses. You should quote portions of the book in order to answer this part of the report. This will undoubtedly take you a page or two in order to do a good job.

Part III: This is your personal evaluation of the book and is the MOST important part of the analytical book report. Here is where you describe your reaction to the book and put its contents in a comparative perspective with your textbook. Some...
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