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Topics: Cleanliness, Washing, Enter key Pages: 1 (370 words) Published: July 4, 2012
Plant Tour Experience in Wyeth Philippines
At Canlubang, Laguna

Visiting a prestigious plant was a great experience. On that day the feeling of excitement was surrounding me. It was my first time having an educational tour. During the road trip everyone was enjoying talking and cracking some hilarious jokes and enjoying as if we were just a kid that was having a field trip. When we had arrived at Canlubang I was so excited to enter the plant because I was so curious about what was the inside of that certain plant and what processes that they were doing in the plant just to produce the product that made for the customers and the consumers. As I entered the plant I’m so fascinated what’s the inside of it everything was so neat and clean. The color of the floors and the walls was totally giving the impression of cleanliness was what the plant really maintain. As we will be entering the packaging place we were directed to change our street outfit to the plant uniform in order for us not to contaminate the place and to follow also there rules inside the plant then after changing we had to wash our hands in order to sanitize. Every machine was made in Japan so total qualities were assured. *We had got to the company through using the van. *I had got to see the packaging department and the place where the chemicals where being tested and that place was called the white zone. The site as what I had observed it was so huge inside and out. * The people who assisted us where Ms. Maan and there are still 3 men who taught us about what is the function of each machines. *The way the people of the plant assisted were so accommodating they have treated us as if we are really part of the company and the way they had explained everything to us was so clear. What I had learn at the plant tour that could not be compared from reading the books is that inside the plant isn’t just a place where the people work it is a place where teamwork is build and cleanliness is applied.
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