Plant Tissue Culture

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Plant tissue culture
Plant tissue culture is a collection of techniques used to maintain or grow plant cells, tissues or organs under sterile conditions on a nutrient culture medium of known composition Any piece of tissue like a seed or stem tip that is placed in a nutrient-rich medium and allowed to grow is called a plant tissue culture. Through the process of micropropagation, cultures are used to rapidly produce progeny from stock plant material.

Plant tissue culture is widely used to produce clones of a plant in a method known as micropropagation

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* The production of exact copies of plants that produce particularly good flowers, fruits, or have other desirable traits. * To quickly produce mature plants.
* The production of multiples of plants in the absence of seeds or necessary pollinators to produce seeds. * The regeneration of whole plants from plant cells that have been genetically modified. * The production of plants in sterile containers that allows them to be moved with greatly reduced chances of transmitting diseases, pests, and pathogens. * The production of plants from seeds that otherwise have very low chances of germinating and growing, i.e.: orchids and nepenthes. * To clean particular plants of viral and other infections and to quickly multiply these plants as 'cleaned stock' for horticulture and agriculture.

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Plant tissue culture is a widely used procedure in plant biology in which organism is planted from the explants of the living plants in a nutrient medium under aseptic conditions. There are both advantages and disadvantages of plant tissue culture.  Advantages:

1. To produce many copies of the same plants then which may be used to produce plants with better flowers, odors, fruits or any other properties of the plants that are beneficial to the human beings. 2. To produce plants anytime we want although the climates are not...
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