Plant Tissue

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 A t vascular plant ( A mature l l t (any 

plant other than mosses and  l t th th d liverworts), contains several types  li t) ti lt of differentiated cells. These are  of differentiated cells These are grouped together in tissues. Some  grouped together in tissues Some tissues contain only one type of  tissues contain only one type of cell. Some consist of several. cell Some consist of several

M Meristematic  P t ti Protective P Parenchyma h S l Sclerenchyma h  Collenchyma  Xylem  Phloem

Meristematic M i t ti
 The main function 

of meristematic of meristematic tissue is mitosis.  The cells are small,  thin walled, with  thin‐walled with no central  vacuole and no  l d specialized features. p f

Meristematic tissue is located in  the apical meristems at the growing  p points of roots and stems. f  the secondary meristems (lateral  buds) at the buds) at the nodes of stems (where of stems (where  branching occurs), and in some  plants, plants  meristematic tissue, called  the cambium that is found within cambium, that is found within  mature stems and roots.  The cells produced in the meristems h ll d d h soon become differentiated into one  or another of several types h f l

Protective P t ti
 Protective tissue covers the surface of  f f

leaves and the living cells of roots and  stems. Its cells are flattened with their  top and bottom surfaces parallel.  db f ll l Protective tissues are usually present  Protective tissues are usually present in the outermost layer of the plant  in the outermost layer of the plant body such as leaves, stem and roots.

Parenchyma P h
 The cells of parenchyma are large, 

thin‐walled, and usually have a large  central vacuole. They are often  partially separated from each other  and are usually stuffed with  d ll t ff d ith plastids.  I In areas not exposed to light,  t d t light colorless plastids predominate and  f food storage is the main function.  g f...
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