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Topics: Chicken, Broiler, Spoons Pages: 3 (808 words) Published: May 22, 2013
Portfolio on Broiler Production
Broilers are meat type chickens. Sometimes they are called fryers or frying chickens. They grow faster than egg or traditional dual Purpose breeds. Broilers are noted to have very fast growth rate and low level of activity. They have white feathers and yellowish skin. Broilers chickens may develop several health issues as a result of selective breeding. Broiler chickens cannot stand because their body grows two quickly for their legs. As a result they often suffer from broken legs. The chicks are also prone to hear attack for the same reason. Broilers are sometimes reared on grass range using a method called pastured poultry. They need to be housed in a clean and dry environment. The broiler pens need to have some form of protective siding and watering equipment. Broilers should be properly taken care of. Broilers are chicken used for fast food, restaurants, chicken for grocery stores and deboned chicken for sandwich nuggets etc. The recommended maximum width of the coop should be 30ft but the length can be such that 6000 birds can be accommodated. With wire flooring the length will be a third of that for deep litter. Lighting is always necessary in the case of young baby chicks, it is place over the brooder, and 250 watt bulbs afford illumination and heat. The brooder is necessary for baby chick to huddle together, particularly during the colder months.

Material and Equipment
* Brooders
* Pen
* Feeders
* Drinkers
* Saw dust
* Lighting
* Feed (Broiler starter, Broiler grower, Broiler finisher ) * Vitamin supplement (vitalite)
* Water
* Clorox
* Chicks
* Scale
* Broom

Description of activity
The day before the chicks arrive, the pen was cleaned using Clorox and a broom. After brooder was cleaned then placed in a circle and the saw dust was distributed on the floor inside. The lighting system was also put in place. The lights were place two feet above the brooder. This...
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