Plant Lockdown Procedures Example

Topics: Door, Rooms, Emergency exit Pages: 2 (608 words) Published: June 9, 2011

1.Receiving Cooler – Lock 2 dock doors and check blast freezer emergency exit. Shut off lights in maintenance ship electrical panel LP-1 Breaker #1, 3, & 8. Check receiving office entrance door. 2.Check potato bin room emergency exit door and lock Spudnik garage door. 3.Egg Room – Shut off raw potato lights on panel CIP-2 Breaker #2, 4, 44, & 46. Shut off egg room lights on switch outside of the room. 4.Soup Prep Staging – Shut off 3 light switches on south wall for soup prep, USDA, and staging area. 5.Compressor Room – Shut off both air compressors and room lights. 6.Specialties – Shut off room lights. Switches by QA Office and Boot Room entrance. Shut off Koruma Room lights by Koruma doorway. 7.Retort Finish – Shut off 4 light switches in retort mechanical room by the doorway. 8.BFI – Close and lock 2 BFI garage doors. Shut off lights by doorway. 9.Dry Warehouse – turn off skid pad door breaker on Panel PP-2 Breaker #13. Turn off lights in Panel LP-2 Breaker #1, 3, 4, 6, 7, 9, 11, 12, & 19. Check man door and lock 3 dock doors. 10.Shipping – Check 2 emergency exit doors (south wall and west wall). Lock 8 dock doors and check entrance man door. Shut off lights on Panel LP-1 under stairs Breaker #1, 3, 5, 7, 9, & 11. 11.Cabbage Cooler – Shut off hot water heater. Check man door on north wall. Shut off lights by Rytec door. 12.Vegetable Receiving Cooler – Lock dumpster garage door & dock door. Check man door. Shut off lights by doorway. 13.Raw Slaw Room – Shut off lights by doorway.

14.Slaw – Shut off lights by Rytec door. Shut off slaw staging cooler lights on east wall. 15.Sample Cooler – Shut off lights on East wall.
16.Component Room – Shut off proof box lights in North proof box. Shut off room lights by Rytec door. 17.Raw Room – Lock meat cooler dock door & check man doors. Turn off exhaust fans on hood by the oven. Shut off room lights by the door. 18.Soup Room – Shut off hood...
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