Plant Competition

Topics: Competition, Species, Natural selection Pages: 3 (736 words) Published: December 6, 2011
Plant Competiton
By Tobi Ojelade

Competition is a natural occurrence between organisms occupying the same space at the same time, competition can occur with organisms of the same species or different ones, density dependency is one of the main types of completion between plants that can transpire this equal relationship between slowing down a population and increasing one with amount cover between these given species, this idea can directly correlate with ideas from an experiment by Wendy Ridenour of how noxious invasive weeds can decrease or affect plant growth rate of a native species by density dependant factors and chemical mechanisms.

Competition is defined as the reduction of fitness to the sharing of resources. Plants compete for many different resources in the environment, like water, minerals, mates and room. Different plants need different amounts of these resources. Plants also can compete for sunlight. Even though, plants can always acquire sunlight, when neighboring plants overpower and over tower you, they tend to use up the light energy before it gets to ground level.

There are many mechanisms and means behind the study of competition. Competition can be depicted as inter-specific or intraspecifically, meaning competition between same species and different species. Studies have later classified competition in three forms: Interference competition, which is a direct interaction between species for resources. This direct interaction limits both species abilities and fitness. Resource competition is the non contact interaction, in which two species compete but in different ways for the same resource. For example, if one tree grows taller than the other, and uses this to exploit sunlight from the other one, this is resource competition. Finally, is apparent competition, which shows how a third species can prey on two species and affect either’s population or fitness.

Competition can be measured in different ways and has been the source...
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