Plant and Animals

Topics: Plant, Ecology, Conservation biology Pages: 2 (499 words) Published: January 22, 2013
Name: Nguyễn Thành Danh
Class: EAP1640CID: 512101213
Topic: why are some kinds of animals on the verge of extinction? Nowaday, the number of animals in the world is reducing that people is main reason. The growth of the population, the increasing needs of human life and the advancement of science and technology has affected animals. For example, people made medicines from horn of rhino, so they killed a lot of rhino result in this species going to extinct. Almost all types in the past, animals lived on earth were extinct and vanished in a "natural" way because of this reason or the other. One of the causes contributing to the extinction of animals is environmental change. Earth has existed for more than tens of millions of years and has a lot of changed, so the natural environment has changed. It causes which animals could not adapt. Therefore, animals disappear to spontaneously without interaction of human. For example, the dinosaurs that have ever existed on earth have become extinct long time ago because of climate change. In addition, when the number of individuals decreased leading to ecological imbalance. For example, the food of tiger is the antelope; if the number of antelope is down, the number of tiger is down too. Therefore, they extinction is inevitable. Next, the main cause of animal extinction is over-exploitation of forests. Forest is the main habitat of most species of land animals but people need wood as raw materials. So, they cut a lot of tree that makes soil erosion. According to data from wikipedia, 20,000 hectares lost every day and 47% of the forest area decreased each year. Therefore, the environment of animals was shrinking. Animals struggle to compete for living space. For example: a tree in the Amazon forest in Peru also is a haven for over 40 species (wikipedia) when people cut it off, all arboreal ants will go up another tree of ants other. It makes the weaker species will die and extinction. Finally, the most prominent cause of...
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