Planning a Party- Process Essay

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Planning a paty
Have you noticed that it is difficult to plan a party? There are many things to consider when planning a social event. Invited guests notice all details and the party planner must make certain they are all happy. You too can have a great party if you plan it right. First of all, the most important of a party is the decoration. I think that is what comes to more stress when we have to do an event because you have to take many things into account, like where will be the event that you need, how much it will cost you: are too many things and very important. Firstly, we need to know what will be the theme of the party, for example if it is a baby shower must have light decorations in pretty colors or baby stuff. Then, if we are talking about a child party it must have piñatas, balloons and games, things that they must enjoy. At the same time, if we are planning an adult party or something elegant the decorators tend to decorate with floral arrangements. The decoration is the most important part of the party, and that is what motivates most people, makes it more fun to attend an event. Another important thing for an event is the food. And much like the decor, the food also has a lot to do with what the topic is concerned. For example, at a party for a 10 year old boy would not be appropriate to give them caviar, in such cases the home cooking is the best option. First, it is important to buy all the necessary food, things that we are going to make, and the next step is adjust the time that you are making food to be ready to party. It is important to have food that we know people is going to eat, appetizing food and not weird food with a poor appearance. In many cases, we know that many people would attend celebrations for the free food, so we better not defraud to such guests. Besides that the best way to win a person can always be through food, so this is also another very important point. Finally, the drinks are a major point...
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