Planning Your Writing

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Why plan your writing?
There are many benefits to planning your writing. It helps you: * Record your ideas
* Come up with new ideas
* Organise your thoughts
* Check that you have all the information you need
What do I need to think about when planning?
When planning your writing you need to think about why you are writing, what situation you are in when writing and who you are writing to. Think of the three WWW's W - Why: Purpose| W - What: Context| W - Who: Audience|

How do I plan my writing?
There are many different methods you can use when planning your writing. One tool you use all the time when planning is your head! For example, when sending a text message you would first think it through in your head. You don't always need to use a written plan. Written methods of planning

There are many different ways you can plan your writing. There isn't a correct way to plan; you choose the method that suits you or the situation. Here are some examples of planning methods:
Diagrams are a visual way of planning and organising your writing. * With spider diagrams and idea maps you can jot down lots of ideas in no particular order to help you organise your thoughts. * Flow charts are useful for planning writing that has to follow a step-by-step process, like a recipe. Lists

Lists are useful for jotting down and ordering all the different points you want to cover in your writing. * Bulleted lists are a common type of list used on the computer. * If you put each idea on a sticky note you can then move the different points of your writing around until you are happy with the order.

Writing frames
These are a guide you can use when planning your writing. They have frames, or headed boxes, with titles to prompt what to write.. You can use frames as guidance for writing documents which always include the same kind of information, such as a curriculum vitae (CV) or a birthday invitation. What do I do after...
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