Planning to Work Efficiently

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Planning to Work Efficiently

By | July 2012
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Candidate: Terrianne Speak
ILM Level 3 Certificate in Management
Reflective Review – M3.20 Planning to work efficiently
Planning to work effectively
As CHEC is a not for profit organisation it relies heavily on income from rental of rooms within the building. The target is to ensure that maximum room usage is achieved and that we help our students to improve their skills in order to gain employment. We need to constantly strive to market CHEC as an organisation and remain competitive within the area ensuring our room rentals are in line with other providers in the local area and ensure we provide a quality service. We also strive to deliver courses that our students require. We also need to ensure that the rooms are suitable for use for example, Audiology have many elderly patients so we ensure that they use the downstairs room which has disabled access. Indicators to measure targets

Every quarter we hold a board meeting and reports are obtained from the various departments on progress and aims for the future. Along with these reports a quarterly profit and loss account is produced so that we can measure whether we are generating enough funds to maintain the running of the business. We also use feedback from students in order to gauge whether the rooms are appropriate for use such as cleanliness, heating, lighting, quality of the course, reliability of equipment etc. These feedback forms also enable students to express interest in other courses they may want to see run at CHEC and allows them to supply their e-mail addresses for future course provision information. Efficiency and effectiveness

By analysis of the profit and loss reports we can gauge the effectiveness of our room usage. If we do not have the maximum hire then we do not generate enough funds to keep the business running. By ensuring our building meets the needs of our users we are maintaining efficiency. However, we can ensure efficiency but if the courses fail to deliver...

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