Planning Report for Croydon City Council

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Croydon Council Planning Committee Meeting, Thursday 2nd April 2009 6.30 pm The following is a report that will give information on a Planning meeting organised by Croydon City Council. The report will show three main items. These are:

* The main advocates of the meeting, their roles and how they influenced the meeting * How the committee deals with planning applications
* What happened at the meeting to allow public speaking and the process involved

The report will also give other minor details on other aspects of the meeting. The first section of the report will review what happened at the meeting. The second section will be more concise and discuss the three main points laid out above. The second section will also include relevant examples. The end of the second section will also discuss other relevant parts of the meeting to try and give an idea of the meeting itself. Section 1

Prior to the meeting, the council placed some items on their internet website. One of these items was an agenda for the meeting. This agenda was designed to show the members of the public and the advocates of the meeting what the council planned to cover in the meeting. This allows members of the public, who were allowed to attend this meeting to know what to expect at the meeting. All of the details of the meeting were on Meeting location

The meeting itself took place at the Croydon town hall. This is where a most of the councils’ meetings take place. Having it in this central location makes it easier for everyone to know where to go and what to expect. Details of the location were placed on the council website prior to the meeting. The meeting itself

The chairman was the person who began the meeting. The chairman in this case was a member of the local council; his name was Councillor Chris Wright. He began by welcoming everyone, including the members of the public, to the meeting. He continued by talking over the agenda for the meeting. He explained how the meeting was going to take place and what the aim of the meeting was. He then introduced the other member of the committee and said which members were absent. In all there were nine other members of the committee at the meeting and he explained that there were three absent. The meeting was also backed up by a vice chairman; his name was Councillor Jason Perry.

Within the Town hall the committee sat on a long table at the back-end of the hall. The members of the public, of which there were only a handful, were positioned on chairs in the middle of the hall. The members tables was laid out in a fashion that allowed all members to be able to communicate with each other, while at the same time allowing the members of the public to be able to see and hear what was going on during the meeting, and to have a chance to put their points across when the time came.

The “official business” section of the meeting began by reviewing the previous planning meeting from the previous week. This was only briefly reviewed and there did not seem to be any disagreement about decisions made at the last meeting and the chairman made it obvious that he wanted to continue swiftly with the current meeting.

The chairman then moved the meeting on to the part where the council make decisions on planning applications that they have received. All of the members had pieces of paper information in front of them that had the details of the applications that they were discussing and subsequently voting on. This part of the meeting was not open to the public.

After the committee had their own consultation they moved onto business that involved members of the public.

The meeting then continued with talks of recent appeals that have been put forward. This part of the meeting was not open to the public.

The final part of the meeting involved going over planning inquiries that will be discussed by the committee in the future.

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