Planning Is the Basis of Control, Action Its Essence, Delegation Its Key and Information Is the Guide

Topics: Management, Process control, Control Pages: 3 (990 words) Published: October 2, 2011
“Planning is the basis of control, action its essence, delegation its key and information is the guide” – Discuss. Ans planning and controlling are closely related to each other as shown in Fig. 1. After a plan becomes operational, control is necessary to measure progress, to uncover deviations from the targets and to take corrective steps. It is also not possible to think of an effective system of control without the existence of good plans. Billy E. Geotz has explained the relationship between planning and controlling in the following words, "Managerial planning seeks consistent, integrated and articulated programmes, while management control seeks to compel events conform to plans". Control is always based on planning. It is also true that in a running enterprise planning depends upon controlling. Every manager uses certain standards for measuring and appraising performance which are laid down by planning. The control process, in turn, may reveal the deficiency of plans and may lead to the revision of planning. It may also lead to setting of new goals, improving staffing and making changes in the techniques of supervision, motivation and leadership. Planning without control is meaningless and control without planning is blind. Planning is an empty exercise without controlling. A good plan will not bring any concrete result if the management is lacking in controlling. Planning identifies the goals and determines the ways of achieving them. It is control which ensures attainment of goals by evaluating performance and taking corrective action. Control presupposes the existence of standards with which the actual performance is to be compared. If the standards of performance are not set in advance, the manager will have no idea of `what is control'. Thus, planning must be done before the actual operation and control should follow plans during and after the actual operation. The experience gained in controlling will help improve the process of planning.] Controlling...
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