Planning Inclusive Learning

Topics: Educational psychology, Learning styles, Learning Pages: 3 (856 words) Published: May 28, 2013
Learner Goals and Needs

The purpose of this document is to evaluate the extent in which my initial and diagnostic assessment practices capture the need of my learners. When a learner is new to a course it is essential that a thorough initial assessment takes place to ensure the learner has every chance to succeed. Initial assessment is designed to identify any barriers that may affect learning. There are a number of factors that influence initial assessment these include personal circumstances, learning styles, health, learning difficulties and prior learning and achievement. Wilson (2009 pg 135) suggests “Initial assessment; therefore is the first stage in a process designed to create an interesting and relevant programme of study”. Initial assessment begins when you first meet the learner and will continue throughout the programme of study. When first meeting the learner I only have basic information about them. I would gather information from a variety of sources within my organisation. Working within the Foundation Studies department all of the learners will be assessed by Additional Learning support. During this process learner requirements will be identified. I work with a learner who has a hearing impairment who uses a loop system (Minimum Core Literacy); this enables the learner to communicate better with myself and peers. I complete a baseline profile (Appendix 1) for each learner in the first term which will help me have a greater understanding of their needs. I will measure learners Literacy, Numeracy and ICT skills by them completing a diagnostic test at the start of the course. Results from these will enable me to plan differentiated tasks for sessions that are at the right level for learners and that will stretch and challenge. It is imperative to identify and understand individual needs of learners to enable them to succeed. Petty (2004 pg 496) highlights “Each learner is unique and has individual needs. If the needs of our learners are...
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