Planning in Mangement

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  • Published : October 11, 2012
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1) Why is planning said to have "primacy" among the managerial functions?
Without planning the rest of the managerial functions have little purpose unless they are focused on achieving desired objectives. Planning provides a method of identifying objectives and designing a sequence of programs and activities to achieve these objectives. 2) Develop your own model of the steps in the planning process.

First you should establish a Mission/Vision, Second perform SWOT Analysis, Third Develop and set goals, Fourth Develop A strategy to meet goals, Last will be to execute the plan. 6) Briefly outline the concept of management by objectives (MBO) and the steps involved in implementing this technique in organizations.

Both the supervisor and subordinates should have a understanding of goals and objectives of the organization, they then meet to establish objectives. Goals should be quantifiable and verifiable, resources should be allocated. Objectives can be modified if something happens. At the end the superior and subordinate meet again to evaluate the subordinates success in meeting assigned goals. 7) For what types of employees or positions do you think management by objectives (MBO) should prove particularly effective? Ineffective?

I think it would be most effective in a place where the supervisor and subordinate can easily communicate with one another. In order for MBO to succeed it must see continuing support of management. 8) For a given product and company (such as automobiles from Ford), list a set of premises (assumptions) regarding such matters as the economy, competition, materials, labor, customer demand, and others that should govern their planning over the next five years.

-How is the economy doing, are people spending money and how long will this continue. Is there a high demand for cars at the moment? What types of cars are people buying more of? Which materials deliver a great product but is also cost effective. These are just some of the...
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